Caring for an elderly parent is a difficult situation, but using the services provided by an assisted living facility can help. Unfortunately, there are some facilities in which neglect and abuse are problems. If you suspect your parent is suffering abuse in this type of environment, you should immediately consult a nursing home abuse attorney in San Antonio. If you’re unsure, you can use these signs of abuse to identify a problem.

Unexplained Injuries
One of the most obvious signs of nursing home abuse is unexplained injuries to your senior parent. In some cases, you may not see bruises or broken bones outwardly, but you can identify problems by carefully reviewing the billing for your parent’s care. If you see treatments for injuries, you should question the facility about those incidents.

Odd Interactions with the Staff
You should also pay attention to how your senior loved one behaves when the staff is nearby. If they seem to cower when a staff member draws near to them, this indicates that they fear that individual for some reason. They may also alter their speech or become uncommunicative when an abusive staff member enters the area.

Declining Physical Health
Nursing home abuse doesn’t always involve violent acts. Sometimes it can take the form of withholding food or water from the senior resident. You should contact a nursing home abuse attorney in San Antonio if you suspect your parent isn’t receiving nutritious meals and enough water. Look for signs of malnutrition and dehydration when you visit your parent in their assisted living facility.

If you do suspect a senior loved one is suffering elder abuse in their nursing home, schedule a consultation with the Law Offices Of Jesse Hernandez now.