5 Things Criminal Defense Attorneys Want Clients to Know

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Lawyers

If a person is arrested for or accused of a crime, they need a defense lawyer to help them fight charges. To ensure a better outcome, a person should hire an attorney who understands state law and focuses on criminal defense. Below are five things clients should know before hiring criminal defense attorneys.

Experience Counts

Many people finish law school each year. While any lawyer is better than being unrepresented, clients should choose an attorney with years of local experience. For a better chance at a favorable resolution, a client should choose an attorney with at least a decade of criminal defense experience.

Personal Attention Is Important

When a defendant chooses a lawyer, they should ensure the attorney offers personalized attention. This means that the lawyer chosen should handle the case, and not pass it off to a different attorney. By choosing criminal defense attorneys who offer individualized service, the case will get the attention it merits.

Choose an Aggressive Attorney

If an attorney immediately suggests a plea deal, they may not be the right person for the case. Criminal defendants should choose a lawyer who handles the case vigilantly and aggressively. Rather than discussing pleas, a client should have an attorney with who will work tirelessly to achieve a far better outcome.

The Attorney Should Have Wide-Ranging Experience

For optimal results, the client should choose an attorney with a wide range of experience. One way is to choose a lawyer who has worked in criminal and family courts. By choosing a lawyer with a well-rounded work history, the client will get a better defense.

Choose an Attorney Who Can Help with Expungement

Many criminals end up paying the price years after they have paid their debt to society. By choosing an attorney with a good case history and lengthy experience, the client can be in a better position to have the record sealed or expunged, which can make it easier to apply for college and certain jobs.

Being accused of a crime or facing a prison sentence can be a frightening prospect, especially for first offenders. By considering the factors above and by hiring the right lawyer, a defendant can increase their chances of a favorable resolution to the case. You can follow them on Twitter.

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