A Car Accident Attorney Helps Clients Obtain Compensation for PTSD

by | Aug 2, 2016 | Lawyers

Federal government health organizations recognize the prevalence of post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, developing after a serious vehicle accident. However, insurance companies tend to deny claims for emotional pain and suffering unless the person has aggressive legal representation from a Car Accident Attorney. The insurer will, at a minimum, expect to see verification from a clinical psychologist, and may require documentation from a psychiatrist or other medical doctor. Symptoms of PTSD often do not occur for several weeks or even longer after the incident. That should not be reason for an insurer to deny the claim.

PTSD can have very detrimental effects on the person’s quality of life, long after he or she recovers from the physical injuries. There may be nightmares and flashbacks. The individual may have insomnia and be afraid to sleep soundly because of those terrible dreams. Flashbacks can occur when sounds or sights trigger disturbing memories. Intense flashbacks can even include auditory and visual hallucinations. Panic attacks can begin seemingly out of nowhere, as the individual’s subconscious stays on alert for danger. A phobia about driving or even being a passenger in a vehicle may develop. If the person viewed a fatality in the accident, there may be a strong avoidance factor connected with never wanting to see anything so terrible ever again.

A reduced quality of life is common among people suffering from PTSD. The accident victim may lose interest in activities he or she used to enjoy and feel apathetic. This is associated with a psychological concept known as numbing, in which the subconscious protects the mind from further trauma by dampening enthusiasm and other strong feelings. A law firm such as Edwards & Bullard Law includes that factor of diminished quality of life in the demand for financial compensation.

A Car Accident Attorney works to obtain deserved financial compensation for medical treatment for physical injuries along with replacement of lost wages. In addition, the compensation should cover the intangible aspects of PTSD as well as for ongoing psychological therapy. If a psychiatrist recommends anti-anxiety medication to prevent panic attacks, that prescription should be covered as well. You can also watch video on YouTube channel for more information.

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