No criminal charge should be taken lightly. A misdemeanor or a felony can both result in jail time and fines. Whenever someone’s been arrested or indicted for a crime, they should immediately contact a Criminal Attorney in Rochester MN. The criminal process starts as soon as an individual is arrested and the first hearing in front of a judge will take place shortly after an arrest. A bond hearing gives the criminal attorney an opportunity to discuss the case with the prosecutor and find out more about the evidence. Although this hearing isn’t the actual trial for the case, it can shed a lot of light on the path the case will or should take in the future.

A Criminal Attorney in Rochester MN can represent an individual for the following crimes:



Felony Charges

Gross Misdemeanors




Drug Offenses


Implied Consent

And much more.

A DUI/DWI offense can affect an individual’s life for many years. They could lose their license, which prohibits them from driving to work or taking care of their family. With each subsequent charge, the penalties will increase with a conviction. There are procedures for arresting an individual for a DUI/DWI. If the police procedures weren’t followed, the evidence could be suppressed and an individual could be found innocent. A driver must do something that would make the police pull them over. If the police didn’t read a driver their rights, this could be another defense. An experienced criminal attorney will review every step of the arrest to determine what the best defense would be.

If you’ve been arrested and put in jail, never discuss the case with your cellmate or other prison inmates. Individuals that are in jail will use the information they receive from an inmate to get a better outcome on their case. Do not discuss your case over the telephone with family or friends. Telephone calls are recorded in jail and anything you say can and will be used against you in a court case. The Rolsch Law Offices have been representing thousands of people that have been charged with crimes since 1984. Their many years of experience will be invaluable in obtaining the best outcome in your case.