There is no common denominator when it comes to the type of cases most likely to win Social Security disability benefits. Every applicant is different and every disability has unique conditions and causes different limitations.

The process for applying for disability benefits is actually two fold, the original claim and an appeal if the claim was denied. There are certain conditions that will likely be approved upon application, condition such as paralysis, terminal disease such as cancer, heart disease, kidney failure that requires dialysis and mental retardation.

Conditions such as these often are granted approval at the initial claim level because they meet the criteria that is noted in the “Blue Book,” which is a listing of impairments that contains the criteria  needed to meet or exceed the level of severity needed to be granted Social Security disability benefits.

Applicants that suffer conditions of this nature are likely to win their claim. This does not mean that other disabilities are excluded however these applications are often denied, at which time the applicant is well advised to hire Social Security disability lawyers in Missouri and appeal.

Chances of winning at the first level of the appeals process:

The first stage of the appeals process is a simple request for reconsideration. The chances of having the initial decision overturned at this stage are poor. Reconsideration is just that, if the examiner assigned to reconsider the case is of the opinion that the initial decision was correct it will be denied at which time your claim will move up to the hearing level.

Chances are better when you get to the hearing stage:

Your Social Security disability lawyers in Missouri will file for a second appeal, a hearing that is conducted in the presence of an Administrative Law Judge. Statistically, the chances of winning your case at this level are quite good, especially when your lawyers have prepared a very compelling case backed up with medical data and valid arguments.

If your application for disability benefits was denied this is not the end of the line, when you hire experienced Social Security disability lawyers in Missouri there is a very good chance that your case will be approved. For a free analysis of your case you are invited to contact the Grundy Disability Group.