A Criminal Law Lawyer in Emporia KS Helps Clients Charged With Shoplifting

by | Nov 28, 2016 | Lawyers

Someone who steals food or other necessities may feel somewhat justified in doing so if the situation is desperate. This person may not have enough money to feed the children or to buy cough medicine to help with a cold. Although the arresting officer, the prosecuting attorney and the judge may feel sympathetic, this is not a suitable defense that would be offered by a criminal law lawyer in Emporia KS. The individual still broke the law, and everyone in the criminal justice system knows that people typically shoplift for other reasons besides sheer need. The system cannot make exceptions because of the defendant’s purpose.

Why do people shoplift when they don’t need the items? Some simply want an item they can’t afford, such as a piece of costume jewelry or a new shirt. This is more common behavior in teenagers. Teens may encounter peer pressure to pocket something from a store and succumb to that pressure, even if they feel guilty about it. Some individuals, both younger and older, think it’s fun to get away with stealing. There also are people who feel a sense of elation when committing theft, and they become addicted to the activity to an extent. A Criminal Law Lawyer in Emporia KS does not make judgments about why someone got into this type of legal trouble. Instead, the attorney provides aggressive legal defense to help the client retain freedom. Nevertheless, it’s highly advisable for the person to stop this illegal behavior. A second or third conviction is most likely to result in a prison sentence.

Attorneys with a firm such as Helbert And Allemang Law Offices provide useful strategies that help a first-time shoplifter avoid going to prison. The defendant may be issued a sentence of probation instead. The person who stole something because of desperate need will be strongly encouraged to utilize legal measures to avoid a crisis that results in shoplifting. Food share programs, food banks and temporary financial assistance are all ways that help struggling men and women get back on their feet. The individual may feel embarrassed about using these services, but it’s much less embarrassing than being arrested for theft.

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