Hiring a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer May Result in More Compensation

by | Nov 24, 2016 | Lawyers

People should be able to feel safe walking down the street and crossing at intersections or marked crosswalks. Unfortunately, distracted driving is a huge problem today and pedestrians are most at risk of being injured by a driver who is paying more attention to a wireless device than they are the road. Depending on the speed of the moving vehicle and the amount of other traffic on the road, pedestrian accidents can be very serious. Whether the result is a broken bone or a fatality, the victim deserves compensation.

The first step for an injured person or their surviving family is to contact a pedestrian accident lawyer immediately. Law enforcement officers will likely do an investigation but when an attorney gets involved early, they may be able to do their own investigation. Talking to eye witnesses and examining the scene of the accident may help an attorney prove their case in court and get maximum compensation for a family that suffered a significant loss in a pedestrian accident.

When a person goes out for a walk and doesn’t return home whole, someone should be held responsible for the loss. It doesn’t matter whether it was a child or the primary wage earner in a family. A serious accident can cause substantial losses. In addition to very high medical expenses, a family may also lose income and even put their home in jeopardy if they are unable to pay the mortgage. These types of expenses may be covered by the driver’s insurance and a pedestrian accident lawyer could help a client get their case settled quickly.

Few people have much personal experience with these types of accidents so victims are at a disadvantage when they contact the insurance company on their own. Insurance company claims adjusters serve the best interest of the company. Attorneys, however, serve the best interest of their client. When a person is injured or killed in a pedestrian accident, it only makes sense to have an experienced legal professional representing the victim.

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