A Personal Injury Attorney in Nassau County, NY Could Help a Consumer Who Was Injured by a Product They Purchased

by | Feb 14, 2018 | Lawyers

Everyone has the right to expect the products for sale in a store are safe. Unfortunately, sometimes items make it to shelves with defects that could harm consumers. In some cases, this harm happens through the normal use of the product, such as an electrical device that catches on fire. Other times, a product is unintentionally dangerous, such as a cleaning product that looks like a sweet treat. When manufacturers offer products for sale, they are responsible for making sure the items are safe to use. When they aren’t, and someone is seriously injured, a personal injury attorney in Nassau County, NY may be able to help.

Responsibilities of Manufacturers

In addition to ensuring a product won’t injure a person through normal use, companies must provide consumers with clear instructions on how to assemble and use the product. If the manufacturer doesn’t tell consumers how to put an item together properly and the improperly assembled item causes an injury, the company could be liable.

Manufacturers should offer consumers a way to get in touch with the company to ask questions. If they cannot reach a customer service representative for help assembling or using a product, and they are injured while trying to figure it out themselves, the company may be liable. Anyone who gets hurt while using a consumer product should get in touch with the Law Offices of Joseph J. Perrini III I to find out if they may be eligible for damages.

How Consumers Can Protect Themselves

While manufacturers have a responsibility to ensure their products don’t intentionally harm consumers, consumers also have a responsibility to use products as they were intended to be used. If a product doesn’t come with instructions and the consumer isn’t sure how to assemble or use the item, they should contact the company that made it or return it to the store.

A personal injury attorney in Nassau County, NY may be able to help a consumer get compensation after they were hurt by a product they purchased. It’s important for anyone who was injured through no fault of their own to visit the website to get information right away. Consumers who work with the firm are not charged unless the lawyers are able to obtain a settlement.

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