Dog ownership can be one of life’s greatest pleasures. Whether an owner lives in the country or city, owning a dog is a personal and legal responsibility. In this guide, dog owners will learn how to protect themselves and their pets from legal action after a dog bite incident.

The Law’s Stance on Liability for Dog Bites

If a person is injured by a dog, federal and state laws provide that the owner is morally and financially responsible. In dog bite liability cases, it means that, with few exceptions, the owner is responsible for their pet’s actions and behavior. However, if an intruder is bitten, they have almost no legal recourse. A dog bite attorney in New London, CT knows that a bite doesn’t always precede a personal injury claim. If a dog’s actions contribute to a person’s injuries, the owner may be held liable.

How Dog Owners Are Unprepared

It’s important for dog owners to remember that their animals’ actions shouldn’t be judged based on how they act in familiar surroundings. When a dog is around their family, it’s hard to imagine them behaving aggressively. It’s very difficult to predict how a dog will behave in every circumstance, but given the extent of civil liability, it’s important for owners to take steps to protect others.

Protecting Pets and Others

What can a dog owner do to reduce the chances of a personal injury claim? While accidents happen and the law takes a clear stance on liability, owners can follow these tips to minimize the risk of a dog bite injury.

•    Never leave an animal unsupervised and unsecured outdoors.

•    Muzzle the animal when in public.

•    Take dog obedience classes.

•    Don’t allow children and strangers to pet the dog.

•    Post signs outside the home to warn guests about the dog’s presence.

•    Ask a veterinarian for training referrals if the dog behaves aggressively.

Call an Attorney

Dog owners should be aware of local, state, and federal laws on bite liability. Best practices should be used, including close supervision and muzzling when necessary. While these steps can protect pets and others, accidents may still occur. Consult a dog bite attorney in New London, CT who can provide advice on limiting liability. Call Stephen M. Reck .