People are getting injured or suffering illness every day due to someone else’s willful intent or negligent behavior, and most of them file a lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit may be required to help people recover financial compensation from what has happened to them, otherwise they may not get anything. A Personal Injury Lawyer in Storrs, CT helps clients recover and get awarded damages from a personal injury lawsuit. There are some facts clients need to keep in mind, and here is a look at some of these facts.

Facts about Personal Injury Lawsuits in Connecticut

Anytime a person wishes to file a personal injury lawsuit in Connecticut, it should be realized that the State of Connecticut has a statute of limitations of two years from the date of the accident, injury, or illness. If the person fails to get the lawsuit filed in a civil court within that time frame, it is unlikely that the case will be heard in court. It also means the person will lose the opportunity to be awarded compensation for what occurred in the accident.

More Facts about Personal Injury Lawsuits in Connecticut

Connecticut follows a rule known as comparative fault, which means that the other individual or company could attempt to find that the injured person was partly to blame for the accident, injury, or illness. If this is found to be true, any damages that will be awarded to the injured party will be reduced by the percentage of fault assigned to the injured party. However, if the injured party is found to be 50 percent or more at fault, no damages will be awarded, and the injured party will be left with nothing.

A Law Firm for Personal Injury Claims

Personal injury law firms and attorneys can be found in just about every city in the United States, available and ready to help clients. Kahan Kerensky and Capossela LLP is a law firm that provides legal assistance for clients who are filing personal injury lawsuits. If a person is in need of a Personal Injury Lawyer in Storrs, CT, the law firm is available and provides more information at the website.