An elderly woman died in a nursing home and the cause of her death pointed specifically at the neglect she received in the nursing home. The family has a personal injury lawsuit in the form of a wrongful death claim against the nursing home, and possibly against the individual responsible. Wrongful Death Lawyers in Bradenton FL handle these kinds of cases on a regular basis and want potential clients to know what recourse they have. Here is a look at what can happen in a wrongful death lawsuit.

What Happens with Wrongful Death Lawsuits

As soon as the family suspected in the case of the elderly woman in Florida that the nursing home was responsible for her death, they should file a personal injury lawsuit against the facility. They have four years from that date to file the lawsuit in a Florida civil court, else they lose the opportunity to have the case heard. They will also lose any chance of being awarded damages in the matter, particularly, punitive damages because of what may have been willful neglect.

Other Things about Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Chances are that the nursing home will try to defend the charges against it and may even try to prove that the person who died was somehow responsible for what led to dying. Perhaps the nursing home may claim that the elderly lady wanted to die and refused to take her medications. Whatever the issue is, if it is found that the elderly lady was partly to blame, the courts may reduce the damages that will be awarded to the family by the percentage of the blame assigned to the elderly lady. The family will need a good attorney to try to prevent this from happening.

A Law Firm for Wrongful Death Lawsuits

Many lawyers will take on a wrongful death lawsuits for clients who feel they have a case. Luhrsen Goldberg, Attorneys at Law is a law firm that represents clients on wrongful death cases and other personal injury cases. If a client needs to consult with Wrongful Death Lawyers in Bradenton FL, the law firm is available. Visit the site for more information.