When your only intention was to take a walk and get some fresh air, but instead you were chased down the street by a neighbor’s loose dog and ended up being bittenfrom a neighbor’s loose dog, it might be time to speak to a dog bite attorney in Nassau County, NYog Bite Attorney Nassau County NY. A dog bite is defined as the attempt to close, or the closing of a dog’s jaw on an object, and the teeth either enter, wound or grip that object. It does not matter if the skin was broken or not, a dog bite is the action of the dog’s teeth and the jaw motion that constitutes an actual bite. Of course, a neighbor’s dog running down the street is in the wrong already for not being on a leash, but the bite takes it up to another level. The bite is usually worthy of a call to the police and animal control, in addition to a visit to a medical professional, along with photographs of the area bitten.

Panic usually sets in during and right after an encounter with an aggressive dog. Whether the dog is a neighbor’s loose dog or a stray one, it’s imperative to try to have someone contain the dog after the encounter. That’s the only way to ensure the animal doesn’t have rabies. Without the dog in quarantine, especially with a stray one, the risk is usually too great of rabies exposure and many times shots will be required. After being notified ofo an injury, a dog bite attorney in Nassau County, NYty NY, such as one from the law office of Steven R. Smith, will request copies of the police report and animal control report, along with all photographs of the injuries.

If ownership of the dog is determined, the owners are responsible for any injuries their dog may have caused. Medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages, scarring and any other losses should be fully compensated by the dog owner or their homeowner’s insurance policy. Many websites direct visitors to Click here to learn more about dog bites and what should be done after receiving one. Don’t suffer in silence. Talk to an attorney today to ensure that you receive the full compensation you are entitled to.