It can be difficult to find a bankruptcy attorney these days, because legal services are so widely advertised. For lawyers who exclusively practice in this area, it is all too common to see the results of inadequate legal representation. Here, readers can learn several considerations to make when choosing a Bankruptcy Lawyer Angola Indiana with the Thomas Law Firm PC.

The Firm’s Size

This is important when a client selects a lawyer for personal representation. If a firm files dozens of cases per month, it will be difficult for them to provide one-on-one attention. Clients working with sole practitioners need to determine the lawyer’s case load before making a decision. At the least, the lawyer should provide their email address
and phone number. If the attorney is unwilling to do so, or if they are dismissive during the initial consultation, the client should go elsewhere.

Bankruptcy Experience

Most lawyers’ ads claim how many years of experience the attorney has. However, these advertisements often do not reflect that the experience was gained in another legal field. Before hiring a Bankruptcy Lawyer Angola Indiana, the client should ask how long they’ve been practicing bankruptcy law.

State Law and BBB Ratings

Before scheduling an initial consultation, a potential client should go to the state bar association’s website to determine the lawyer’s standing. It is also a good idea to check the firm out with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) to ensure that the lawyer has no unresolved complaints.

The Lawyer’s Demeanor

The way a bankruptcy lawyer in Angola Indiana treats clients on the first visit speaks volumes about the service they provide. The attorney should greet the client politely, and the office should be neat and clean. Waiting times should be minimal, and the client should meet directly with the attorney rather than a paralegal. Clients should rely on their instincts, and they should find someone else if they don’t feel 100% at ease.

If someone is considering a bankruptcy filing, they should remember that most attorneys offer free consultations. It is a good idea for potential clients to meet with at least three lawyers to ensure they make the right decision. Marketing techniques are getting slicker every day, but there’s no substitute for reliability, competence and quality service.