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It can happen in a second and everything changes. Being involved in a major auto or motorcycle accident can be devastating. Unlike broken bones or cuts, traumatic brain injury (TBI) may not be evident right away, but the symptoms are catastrophic for the victim and the victim’s family.

A TBI can occur because there was a sudden bump that forced the head and neck back, then forward. It can also occur when the head hits an object suddenly and may cause the person to go unconscious. TBI can be difficult to diagnose, as often the symptoms are not evident immediately after the accident. Even with such a serious accident, damage to the brain may be mild. In a mild TBI, a person may lose consciousness for a short period. If the injury results from an accident, see a brain damage lawyer in New London, CT.

It also happens that some injuries are written off as mild, but they turn out to be anything but. Concussions result when the brain is shaken enough to move within the fluid that protects it during normal activity. A concussion is called a “closed” head injury. With this type of injury, the person may suffer dizziness or fatigue easily. There can be blurred vision. Occasionally, with lesser injuries the symptoms may not be noticeable over time and are and not recognizable.

Brain Injury Law

A TBI is categorized as a catastrophic injury by law. A victim resulting in brain injury needs representation of a lawyer who understands the details in this type of injury. People who cause an accident that results in a brain injury are accused of wrongful conduct or negligence of someone who caused the accident, such as a driver or passenger in the car.

Stephen M. Reck is a brain damage lawyer in New London, CT, with expertise regarding legal issues that involve an accident and brain injury. The firm represents clients in:

• Car and truck crashes

• Motorcycle crashes

• Pedestrian knock-downs

• Boating accidents

It is important to seek medical advice for even a mild blow to the head. A lot depends on where the head is hit. For some injuries, even a slight hit at a strategic location can cause more damage than a strong hit somewhere else. Some children become listless, sleep excessively or lose interest in toys or activities. Serious indications are nausea or vomiting. If there appears to be dizziness, loss of consciousness or confusion, seek medical help immediately.

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