Unfortunately, domestic violence is a very common problem, and its victims come from all walks of life. If one is victim of domestic abuse, one should seek help immediately by calling the police, filing a report and getting away as quickly as possible. The information given here is a limited overview of domestic violence court proceedings. If one is involved in such a case and don’t know where to turn, call family law lawyers in Temecula, for assistance.

How Common is Domestic Violence?

The statistics on domestic abuse are astounding. The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence (NCADV) has gathered data from sources such as the CDC, the Bureau of Justice Statistics and the Department of Justice. According to the NCADV:

  *      Over 1.2 million women are assaulted by a partner every year.

  *      Almost 33% of female murder victims are killed by a domestic partner.

  *      In 80% of the above cases, the woman was abused before being killed.

  *      25% of women will be domestic violence victims in their lifetimes.

  *      Domestic violence against women accounts for 85% of cases.

  *      Boys who see domestic violence are two times more likely to engage in it when they are adults.

Because of the severe impact abuse has on families, courts take these charges seriously. In divorce cases, if there is a domestic violence history, it affects the judge’s rulings on visitation and custody.
The Domestic Violence Court Hearing

At a hearing, a family court judge determines whether there’s sufficient evidence to support the filing of a protective order. These orders keep an abuser from contacting or coming within a certain distance of the victim for a set amount of time. If there are children involved, the judge may grant exclusive custody to the victim so the children don’t witness further abuse.

Domestic violence has long-lasting physical and emotional consequences for victims, and it can have enduring criminal consequences for perpetrators. Whether one is a plaintiff or a defendant in a domestic abuse case, they should click here to visit the Law Office of Michelle Penna to hire family law lawyers in Temecula, who know the local courts.