Homosexual parents in Chicago have reason to celebrate. The courts recently ruled in favor of second-parent adoptions, which helps to ensure both parties in the same-sex relationship will be recognized as a parent of the child. This ruling also benefits those who are born to same-sex spouses, regardless of their genetics or adoption status. Individuals who wish to know more about how this will affect their legal status in regards to their children should speak to a second parent adoption attorney in Chicago to discuss the specifics of their situation.

Couples making use of assisted reproductive technology requested that submit a legal memo to the courts. These couples wish to raise their children together, although only one parent would be biologically related to the child. They wanted second-parent adoptions to ensure the children had all of the necessary legal protections available to them. This would be of great importance if, at any time, the couple decided to move to another state, one that wasn’t as clear on the issue of guardianship as it relates to children in these relationships.

In many states, the second parent isn’t recognized in this manner. They are considered to be a step-parent to their child, thus they don’t have the same rights as a natural parent. With this change in law, the non-biological parent know finds they are regarded as a legal parent of the child, just as other adoptive parents are, therefore they retain all rights of the biological parent. This, according to the courts, is in the best interests of the child and will offer them protection regardless of where they are located at any given time.

If you are in need of a same sex family lawyer to assist you in a second-parent adoption in Chicago, contact Metz + Jones LLC. The firm will assist parents in filing the necessary paperwork in court to ensure both parents raising a child are protected now and in the future. Some states fail to recognize the parent-child bonds that exist between a child and a non-biological parent, but this isn’t the case. Parents who wish to become more secure in their legal footing when it comes to their child should contact this office today to get the matter resolved once and for all.