Social Security Disability Insurance is available to anyone who has a work history and has developed a disability or injury that caused a disability. If you cannot work, speaking to a Fresno disability attorney helps you define your options. Read more about SSDI and determine if you are eligible.

Starting a Claim With the SSA

To start an SSDI claim, you must provide information about your disability or work injury and tell the Social Security Administration who treated you for the condition. Your caseworker discusses your case with the doctors and determines if you are capable of working or if you are completely disabled.

Eligibility for SSDI requires that you cannot work anywhere and become gainfully employed. Consulting a Fresno disability attorney helps determine if you meet all the criteria for getting approved for SSDI.

Accessing Your SSDI Benefits

Suppose the Social Security Administration approves you for SSDI. In that case, you receive monthly benefits around the first of every month. You may be eligible for backpay depending on the duration of your claim. If you are denied, you have a chance to appeal the decision.

When the SSA Denies Your Claim

Filing an appeal for a Social Security Disability appeal requires you to hire a legal representative and start the appeals process. First, your attorney collects all medical evidence from your doctors to support your claim. Then a judge tells you if you’ve been approved at the end of a hearing.

Social Security Disability Insurance is a disability program available to claimants who once worked but cannot work now because of a disability or work injury. How much the claimant receives from the SSA depends on how long they worked and how much they’ve paid into the Social Security Disability program. Contact Peña & Bromberg to learn more about SSDI.