Legal events are not something an individual should attempt to handle by themselves. An attorney in Junction City, KS can protect an individual’s rights in workers’ compensation, wrongful death, auto, nursing home negligence, medical malpractice, family, and criminal law cases. The laws are constantly changing, and minor changes can affect an individual’s life and change it forever. An attorney closely follows the changes in the law and understands how a judge feels about a variety of issues. When an individual hires a lawyer, they will always be represented in court in the best light possible to the judge, opposing attorney, or the jury.


Not many individuals are fortunate enough to settle a divorce case with their former spouse. Even if an individual and their spouse can agree to an uncontested divorce and a property settlement agreement, an attorney should still be contacted to review it. Some couples attempt to use the same attorney, which can be disastrous to one party and affect their financial future forever.


Paternity cases end up before the court more often than many individuals may think. Paternity law can be very confusing, and proving or disproving paternity requires the assistance of an attorney in Junction City, KS. If an individual is served paternity papers, it’s important to hire an attorney to respond as quickly as possible and request a DNA test be performed before they’re responsible for payment support to a child that is not theirs.

Criminal Law

If an individual has been charged with a sex, violent, property, drug or alcohol crime, they should contact a criminal trial attorney as soon as they are arrested. An attorney will be protecting their rights starting at the bond hearing and will investigate the amount of evidence that the police have. They will also review whether the proper procedures were followed and if any evidence can be suppressed or completely thrown out against their client.

A conviction of a criminal charge, divorce, and personal injury can affect an individual’s life forever. Oleen Law Firm has many years of trial experience representing clients in a variety of legal situations. For more information, please visit the website.