Debunking Myths About Veterans Benefits Attorneys In Texas

by | Jan 31, 2018 | Attorneys

Misunderstandings abound when determining whether a veteran can retain veteran’s benefits attorneys in Texas and when. Most people claim incorrect information as being accurate because they don’t know any better. However, that misinformation can cause you to go through the process of being denied all alone, which can be a devastating feeling.

Hire Anytime

Many lawyers and VSOs will claim that you can’t hire legal representation before you get a Notice of Disagreement. However, this claim is entirely false.

Truth About Hiring Someone

You can hire an attorney to help you at any time during the VA claims process. The only caveat is that they cannot charge you a fee to represent you for a claim denied after June 20, 2007, until a Notice of Disagreement has been filed. Many times, veteran’s benefits attorneys in Texas will tell you that you can’t hire them because they can’t immediately charge you.

If they do pro-bono work, they can represent you before the NOD.

The Exception (That Proves The Rule)

While these cases are very rare, there is an exception to hiring an attorney anytime. If your claim was denied before June 20, 2007, an attorney can only charge fees for their services after the Board of Appeals issues their first final decision on the case.


While a lawyer cannot charge you a fee for helping you before the NOD has arrived, they can charge you for the costs it takes to represent you, such as getting the records necessary, travel costs, hiring experts, and the like.

Veterans Benefits attorneys in Texas can help you through the process of filing for disability. Visit Jackson & MacNichol at to find out how they can help you and what they need to get started.

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