Didn’t Get Hired? An Employment Discrimination Attorney May Be Able To Help Answer Why

by | May 20, 2016 | Attorneys

Landing that great job is hard enough when everything goes right. The ad sounds good, the resume goes in immediately, and the wait begins for that all-important interview. Most applicants can tell how things go during the interview phase right away. Then, when the telephone doesn’t ring, the search begins for a reason why someone else got the nod. Too often the reason boils down to one of several reasons that could be in violation of law or a result of unwarranted discrimination.

Some companies just won’t hire young women for fear that they will either lose work time for a pregnancy and birth or, if they already have children, that they will miss work for doctor’s appointments, sick children, or other events typically handled by moms. Other companies have an unwritten policy against hiring anyone over a certain age for fear they will miss work for sickness or will demand higher wages because of experience. These and many other reasons for failing to be hired or for being fired in spite of production or work ethic are unlawful. If the reason for non-hire or for termination appears to be unfair, an Employment Discrimination Attorney can be retained to investigate the underlying cause.

Employment law is complicated and varies from state to state. Federal statutes can be even more difficult for the average person to understand. An attorney who specializes in employment discrimination, however, will often be able to cut straight through to the reasons for rejection. Many times, all it takes is a letter of inquiry on legal letterhead to get to the heart of the matter with the company in question and resolve the situation. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to file a formal action against the company or its representative. On rare occasions, a class action lawsuit representing more than one applicant is called for.

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