When it comes to preparing a case for product liability, legal intervention is usually needed. Holding a company liable for their product causing injuries can be difficult because of the sheer level of evidence that is needed. Many injured victims find it helpful to hire a product liability lawyer in New London, CT. Hiring a lawyer takes away the guesswork and helps injured victims receive the legal guidance they are in need to pursue compensation.

Hiring a Lawyer Is Important

An immediate investigation needs to be conducted before valuable pieces of evidence are lost. Hiring a lawyer allows an injured victim the help they need to be able to gather substantial evidence so the company can be pursued and held accountable. An early investigation into the injuries and the product that caused them is advisable.

The state of Connecticut gives injured victims two years from the date of their injury discovery to file a lawsuit. Although this gives injured victims plenty of time, waiting too long can end up causing delays that prevent a person from being able to receive a fair outcome. If the victim waits more than two years to pursue compensation in a lawsuit, they would forfeit their rights to receive any form of settlement.

How Can Victims Prove Liability?

There are a few key areas where injured victims must prove liability for their injuries and damages caused by product. Being able to prove each of these areas begins by working with a lawyer to ensure proper evidence is submitted to the court.

•The manufacturer of the product must have owed a duty of care to the victim.

•The manufacturer must have breached that duty of care.

•The breach of the duty of care was the full cause of the victim’s injuries.

•The breach of duty was the proximate cause of the victim’s injuries.

•The victim suffered measurable damages as a result of the product.

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