According to information from the Federal Motor Carrier Association’s guide, there were more than 480,000 accidents in 2016 involving buses and large trucks. While this number is much smaller than the number of car accidents, the damage caused by accidents with large trucks is much more significant.

If a person is involved in an accident with a large truck or bus, they should seek medical attention and then contact an accident lawyer in Live Oak, FL. They may be able to help them recover compensation. However, there are also steps a person can take to avoid these serious accidents.

Be Aware of Large Truck Blind Spots

Drivers need to know that large trucks and other commercial vehicles have significant blind spots, which are called “No Zones.” These are located on the sides, back and front of commercial vehicles. A good rule of thumb to follow is that if a driver is unable to see the large truck’s or buses face in the side mirrors, then the driver is not able to see them. One of the best ways for drivers to avoid an accident is to stay out of the blind spots.

Passing Tips

If a passenger vehicle is trying to go past a commercial vehicle, they should ensure they can see the driver in the side mirror before passing. Also, the passenger vehicle driver needs to use their turn signal and after they move into the left lane, the driver needs to accelerate so they can pass the large truck, get out of the blind spot, and remain safe.

Never Tailgate

While this is a good rule for any vehicle, it is especially important for buses or large trucks. Regardless of how slow the truck may be going, tailgating will put a driver in the “No Zone,” mentioned above. If the truck stops suddenly, the vehicle may slide under it.

When it comes to driving safely around large trucks, certain precautions must be taken. While an accident lawyer in Live Oak, FL can help a person recover damages if they are injured, it is best to avoid these accidents, to begin with. More information about accidents with large trucks can be found by visiting