Most people have grown up elevating doctors into lofty positions of complete trust and confidence in their training and abilities and into a position of infallibility. These beliefs and stereotypes originated many decades ago and have been reinforced through radio and television media and, sometimes, through advertisements by pharmaceutical companies. Would it be shocking to learn that, according to the Journal of American Medical Association, doctors are third on the list of primary causes for the deaths of their patients? This equates to approximately 225,000 deaths per year in America, and a ranking that sits alongside two other serious contributors: cancer and heart disease. Being aware of the statistics aids a patient to make an educated decision about their own health and dissolves the out-dated concept of blind faith.

There are several subsets of specific causes of deaths while under the care of physicians. Medication dosage errors, miscellaneous other types of errors in hospitals, infections, surgery that was unnecessary, and the largest subset, which is the side effects of administered drugs. Perhaps, being armed with these facts can be used to protect a person’s health and initiate pertinent questions about the treatment protocols in place for ailments and diseases.

In every community, it behooves the informed individual to do their research before choosing a doctor or a medical group. The risks of a person’s health by making uninformed medical decisions could mean the difference between life and death when obtaining medical care. For residents of southern Louisiana, it’s a good start to research for the current statistics of Medical Malpractice in New Iberia LA. At the same time, check out the link for the area’s top attorney at His expertise is extensive in numerous areas of law to assist when there is a need for representation.

When it comes to health, the most treasured facet of living, knowing the facts before making a decision for health is imperative for a more assured longevity. For residents of Louisiana, exploring records of Medical Malpractice in New Iberia LA is a great place to begin the arduous task of inquiries. When it comes to health, there simply is no justifiable compromise.