In Maryland, auto accidents claim the lives of hundreds of victims each year. The cause of these accidents ranges from debris in the roadway to DUIs. After an accident, highway patrol investigates and determines the identity of the at-fault driver. A car accident lawyer in Waldorf, MD assist victims or their families after an accident occurs.

Reviewing Auto Insurance Policies

Auto insurance policies provide payments for medical expenses and auto repair costs for victims. The value of the coverage depends on the policy chosen by the auto owner. After an accident, the owner is required to file an insurance claim if they are at fault.

Was a Serious Crime Committed?

DUIs are among the most serious crimes committed in an automobile. The driver is tested for alcohol and controlled substances if the officers suspect a DUI. Any driver that has a blood-alcohol content reading of at least 8% are charged with a DUI. If a drunk driver caused an auto accident, the county could impose more severe criminal charges. If a victim dies, involuntary manslaughter or vehicular homicide charges are also possible.

How Many Victims Were Involved?

The total number of victims involved in the accident could define the total payout for an insurance claim. The policies provide one value when one person is injured and a higher value when multiple individuals are injured. The at-fault driver must explore their auto insurance policy and determine how much is available to auto accident victims.

Filing a Lawsuit

Auto accident victims who weren’t able to collect compensation through an insurance claim can file a lawsuit. If they win, the victim receives the full value of their medical expenses and auto repair requirements. If the victim’s family files a lawsuit, the wrongful death lawsuit could entitle them to the victim’s lifetime earnings.

In Maryland, auto accidents lead to serious injuries and fatalities. Drivers who cause the accidents are liable for the injuries sustained by passengers and other drivers on the road. A local attorney assists victims that don’t collect compensation through insurance claims. Victims who need to hire a car accident lawyer in Waldorf, MD can contact us right now.