Driving while intoxicated is against the law. Everyone knows this but still there are thousands of people that drive after they have been drinking. Some people don’t drink enough where this is a problem, others, however, might be fall down drunk and they still get into their car and drive away. Fortunately, the police are on the lookout for drunk drivers and don’t play any games when it comes to stopping them and making sure that they don’t drive again while they are intoxicated.

Reduction of Sentencing

While driving in an altered state isn’t a good thing, anyone caught doing so still deserves to be defended when going to court. A DUI Defense Attorney Beaver Dam WI can make a big difference for a person facing major jail time after multiple offenses, or they can be there to ensure that their client doesn’t get into more trouble than they are already in. There are also cases where a lawyer can actually reduce the charges or have them eliminated altogether. It just depends on the situation.

Questioning Evidence

One of the easiest ways to get a case tossed is to prove that the breathalyzer wasn’t functioning correctly. Unfortunately, there are many people who were not legally drunk who showed to be over the legal limit on the breathalyzer. However, in order to prove this is the case the lawyer has to have the one used inspected. The quicker he or she can do this after an arrest, the better as the device can be calibrated at any time.

The Legality of the Stop

Another area where a DUI Defense Attorney Beaver Dam WI can help is determining the cause for the traffic stop in the first place. There are many officers that will sit outside a bar and simply stop anyone that drives out of the parking lot. This is actually illegal, and someone who’s not aware of the law, or who doesn’t have a lawyer, might pay their fines or serve their time when they should have never been stopped in the first place.

There are many other things a lawyer will attempt that can’t be mentioned in this article. The most important thing is that a lawyer is necessary if you’re arrested for a DUI. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, making a quick decision is essential for your defense. Visit the website to learn how a lawyer can help you with your DUI case. You can also visit them on Facebook.