Help Settling Employee Disputes With An Attorney Who Practices Employment Law in Springfield, MA

by | Mar 22, 2016 | Lawyers

A place of employment by law should be a safe environment for employees and customers alike. Many times, though, employers have been known to break the laws that protect these groups, and therefore directly violate their rights. There are federal and state laws that are in place to keep employers from mistreating their workers when these rules and regulations have been disregarded, and it is advised that an individual hires an attorney versed in Employment Law Springfield MA. Employers must follow the laws set to protect the rights of all employees and not just select groups.

Many of the most common types of grievances brought forward by an employment attorney are wrongful termination suits and discrimination cases. In other instances, employers have failed to pay employees for overtime work or knowingly violated a person’s civil rights. Sexual harassment cases involving employers or other co-workers can also require the assistance of an attorney. In some areas of the United States a lawyer who handles employment law in Springfield, MA also represents Union Workers. They can handle negotiations and arbitration between the Unions and companies. The law states that no company can discriminate against anyone based on their sex, age, race, or religious beliefs.

Many times the discrimination is not apparent, and businesses tend to go unnoticed in their prejudice towards a person(s). An attorney can help to end the practice of hiring discrimination in many cases. They can also be helpful if an employer wrongfully terminates an individual based on disability or medical leave. All of these are protected by federal and state law and a lawyer who practices employment law knows the particular legislation of the state they are licensed to work.

Connor Morneau & Olin have a combined 100 years of legal experience in employment law. They handle all issues regarding the mistreatment of employees. They also represent Unions and provide their services for mergers and affiliation proceedings. Assisting employers with writing employment contracts and severance packages is also available. Their practice also deals with consumer laws regarding the fair credit reporting act and lemon laws. To see a full list of the areas they practice or to contact them visit us website.

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