As an employee, you assume that if you are hurt on the job worker’s compensation will be there to help if you are temporarily unable to work or have a permanent injury that results in having to work in a different job.

However, as many people working for companies in Marion or anywhere in Iowa often find out, it is not as simple as just filing a claim and getting fair compensation. In fact, many employers actively fight against the claim, resulting in a denial of benefits or significant delays that can result in financial hardship in an already difficult time.

Generally small claims are less likely to need the assistance of a workers’ compensation attorney. However, if there is a significant injury, longer periods of missed work, or if the employee has a pre-existing condition and the employer has a history of denying claims, seek legal help immediately.

What to Do with a Denial

A workers’ compensation denial does not mean this is the end of your options. Getting an experienced workers’ compensation attorney involved at the time you get the denial letter is critical to taking your case to the next level to get the compensation you deserve.

Some employees may not get a denial, but the settlement may fall short of the current medical bills and doesn’t cover lost wages. An attorney can evaluate the settlement and then argue the case to get a fair settlement. Knowing what medical information is required to prove these cases will be essential.

Significant Injuries

When there are significant injuries that occurred on the job and your ability to work may be limited, or you may not be able to work at all in the future, having an attorney on your side is in your best interest. This is not the type of case to represent yourself, as once the settlement has been offered and accepted, your options to modify the settlement are extremely limited.

The workers’ compensation attorney will be able to advise you on your options from a lump sum payment to weekly payments for life. These will also have to be carefully structured if you are receiving other benefits, such as Social Security Disability, to avoid possible financial complications.

There may be dozens of other factors to your case. Working with a local attorney in Marion specializing in workers’ compensation gives you a person to turn to with questions and a trusted resource as you move through the process.