When a patient visits the hospital, they expect doctors to perform their duties with no mistakes. However, physicians are only human and they make mistakes like everyone else. However, medical mistakes often have disastrous consequences, and an inaccurate diagnosis can cause serious injury or death. While a person injured because of a doctor’s negligence can hire a medical malpractice lawyer in Norfolk, VA to file a suit to recover damages, the award may not adequately compensate the patient for a lifetime of pain. That is why the best medical malpractice solution is to keep it from happening.

Becoming an Empowered Patient

The first defense against medical malpractice lies with the patient. While the medical provider is legally responsible, patients can learn ways to reduce the chances of a serious medical error. The sections below can serve as a checklist for patients to avoid becoming a medical malpractice victim.

Learn About Medications

Patients should know the extent of their medications before seeing a doctor, and they should inform all healthcare providers of which medicines are taken. By writing down medications and dosages, patients can avoid potentially dangerous drug interactions.

Learn About Allergies

Just as medications can interact, some patients’ bodies may have adverse reactions to some medicines. To prevent injury or illness, patients should notify all healthcare personnel of their allergies.

Keep a Healthcare Diary

This step is crucial for two reasons. When a patient documents his or her condition, they establish a record for future reference. Additionally, the record can work in a patient’s favor during a malpractice suit.

Ask Questions

Being informed is a critical step in ensuring patient safety. Patients should ask doctors questions during and after visits, and they should research health issues they’re experiencing.

Take a Friend or Family Member

Besides moral support, a family member or friend can serve as an extra pair of ears and eyes. They can remember directions provided by the doctor, and they can serve as an advocate for a patient who cannot make his or her own decisions.

In an ideal situation, a patient’s healthcare needs are adequately and promptly attended to. However, a doctor or other provider may make a mistake that can turn into an actionable cause for a Price Perkins Larkin malpractice suit. By following the tips given here, patients and clients of a medical malpractice lawyer in Norfolk, VA can reduce the chance of a serious error that can cause suffering.