A lawyer is a powerful asset in a real estate transaction. Individuals have been burned in thousands of different ways due to their lack of knowledge and a lawyer to cover them. The title company is the bare minimum. A person can sell or buy a home with a title company and a real estate agent to propel the sale. A lawyer, on the other hand, can act in often overlooked and underutilized ways to ensure the deal lands favorably towards their client.

Playing “Bad Cop.”

A Real Estate Lawyer in Chicago can easily play the role of a bad cop. The bad cop is the dual version of the good cop. He or she will, essentially, enforce rules and restrictions that go with the deal. They can take account of any rules and take the blame for being a stickler for detail. This is a great association partly because a client may not know about the rules and regulations in the first place. They can comfortably sit back while considering the small details. It also helps because it allows the client to negotiate from a place of mild naivety. They want to offer more, but they can’t. They want to skip a few rules, but they can’t.

Whether the individual actually wants to skip rules or not is beside the point. The fact is that a Real Estate Lawyer in Chicago can be the stickler for details. This will allow for the deal to go down a little less smoothly. But, it will probably end up adding value to the client.

Pushing for More

The real estate agent is the person who will navigate the actual finances, which obviously includes the offer. Often times, an agent will work with a lawyer to ensure that the deal goes down as smoothly as possible. A lawyer can also offer advice and leadership in the deal.

The more eyes on a real estate transaction, the better. A lawyer has seen people get burned. The lawyer has a wonderful, in-depth, and varied perspective of the real estate industry. Contact Starr Bejgiert Zink & Rowells for a consultation and more information.