If you have been chosen to be the executor of a loved one’s will, their death can become especially stressful. In addition to handling your own grief, you’ll be faced with the legal challenges involved in the probate process. Hiring a probate attorney in Rockford, IL, can help simplify this process by providing you with the legal guidance you need.

Settle Family Disputes Faster

A will is a matter of public record, which means anyone in your family can access it and read it. This could lead some loved ones to contest the will if they expected the document to contain more favorable terms for them. An attorney can be helpful in explaining the law to family members who seek to dispute the will. In many cases, this is enough to settle the matter without a formal hearing.

Help You Settle Taxes

An important part of probate is settling the final estate taxes for the deceased. Unless you’re a tax professional, you might find the complexities involved in estate taxes to be challenging. An attorney can help you file those taxes and determine how much the estate owes to the government.

Liquidate the Estate Faster

Another aspect of probate is settling the final debts of the deceased. If there aren’t enough liquid assets to cover these costs, real estate, jewelry, and other valuable assets must be sold to help cover these debts. A probate attorney in Rockford, IL, will have the network to assist in selling these assets faster. They can help you find buyers more quickly, so the length of time the probate process takes will be shortened.

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