A wrongful death lawyer in Everett, MA uses a network of experts to support a case and make sure the family receives the financial compensation they deserve. Expert witnesses of various backgrounds can be very important to convince an insurance company or a jury that a specific amount should be paid. Examples of these witnesses include experts in security, highway accident reconstruction and workplace accident reconstruction.

Types of Incidents

A broad range of incidents can lead to wrongful death lawsuits. Traffic accident fatalities are a primary example, especially when a large commercial truck was involved. Dangerous occupations have abnormally high percentages of fatalities at the worksite. Just a few examples include agriculture, building and road construction, logging and commercial fishing.

Communication Issues

Families are already consumed by grief and overwhelming stress without having to manage communications with insurance companies and commercial property owners. All of that communication should be turned over to the wrongful death lawyer in Everett, MA hired. Insurers may call and try to arrange interviews, but the attorney should always be present during any phone or in-person interview.

Partial Fault

The insurance company may try to pay out less than demanded, claiming that the accident was at least partly the deceased person’s fault. This can be very upsetting to the family. An attorney with an organization such as the Law Offices of Burton J. Hass conducts a thorough investigation to discover whether this can be verified or whether there is no evidence of partial fault.

What Compensation Covers

The family should be compensated for future earnings if the person contributed to the household income. Standard compensation also covers all relevant medical expenses and costs for funeral services. Sometimes the medical expenses can be astronomical if the person was rushed to an emergency room, had extensive surgery and spent days or even weeks in the hospital before passing away.

The lawyer may include intangible aspects like emotional pain and suffering in the settlement demand. Other intangible factors commonly included in wrongful death lawsuits are loss of consortium for the spouse and loss of parental guidance for the children. You can also follow them on Twitter.