There are many circumstances that can lead to an incident of wrongful death. These may include an auto accident, malpractice due to medical negligence, or even a malfunctioning consumer product. When a wrongful death occurs, it can be a very stressful time for the family of the deceased. In such matters, it is strongly advised they seek a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Tumwater WA. Here are some facts to know before visiting one.

Separate Filings

Even if criminal charges cannot be filed in the case, a wrongful death charge can certainly be filed. If criminal charges are appropriate for the case at hand, wrongful death charges can be filed separately. It does not matter whether the death was intentional or accidental.

Don’t Confuse Them

A wrongful death claim is completely different from a claim of negligence. A negligence claim is filed by an injured party and involves computing monetary compensation based on incurred damages, while a wrongful death claim is generally filed by a Wrongful Death Lawyer in Tumwater WA on behalf of a family member of the deceased.

Don’t Risk It

Of all wrongful death suits that can be attributed to auto accidents, over 30% of them were due to drunken drivers. On top of this chilling number, there are also drivers distracted by cell phones and other gadgets that are swiftly threatening to overtake the number of alcohol-related accidents.

First, Do No Harm?

Nearly 98,000 people die annually due to medical malpractice errors. The doctors or other medical staff involved in such cases are very rarely censured or penalized by the governing medical board. This is a huge reason why a skilled and experienced lawyer should be sought out as quickly as possible after the wrongful death has occurred.

If a family member or loved one has suffered a wrongful death, it is crucial to Contact Putnam Lieb Potvin Attorneys at Law. The person or institution at fault will have their own lawyers at the ready to defend them, so it only makes sense that the family of the deceased have one as well. They can seek justice on behalf of the victim.