There are some situations where a person who has been charged with a drug-related offense may have grounds to file a civil case. For example, if the individual was injured during their arrest, they may be able to recover costs associated with the medical treatment received for physical injuries. Also, if the arrested individual suffered any type of emotional pain or mental anguish because of the incident, they may be able to receive additional compensation. While this is not always possible, Drug Crime Lawyers in Mankato MN can let their client know if they have grounds to file a civil lawsuit.

What is a Civil Case?

Civil cases are essentially lawsuits that involve contracts between two parties or torts. A tort is a wrongful or negligent act by someone or something that results in an injury or damage. Any case that is not considered a criminal case is considered to be a civil case.

Once a person has been arrested for a drug crime, the arresting authorities are responsible for the arrested individual’s well-being. If the detained individual is emotionally or physically injured due to neglect or another type of wrongful act, the person responsible may be able to be held accountable. At this point, in addition to hiring Drug Crime Lawyers in Mankato MN the individual will need to find a reputable personal injury attorney.

Potential Recovery for Damages

When a civil lawsuit is filed on behalf of someone who was arrested for a drug crime and then injured, the individual may be able to receive several types of compensation. Some of the damages they may be able to recover include:

     *     Medical costs associated with the injury suffered

     *     Any loss of wages due to the injury

     *     Compensatory damages

     *     General damages for emotional or physical pain

     *     Punitive damages if the person who caused the injury acted recklessly or maliciously

When it comes to drug crimes, there is no question that this is a serious charge. However, if the arrested individual is injured by the arresting officers, they may have grounds to file a civil lawsuit. Being informed and knowing what rights are had can help ensure an injured party receives compensation when it is deserved. More information about this can be found by visiting the website.