One of the greatest concerns that car buyers have when shopping for a new vehicle is finding one that is worth their money. Unfortunately, some car dealerships will try to sell you a car that does not work very well so that they may make money off of it. But luckily for you, Michigan Lemon Law is designed to protect you in these circumstances.

What Does Michigan Lemon Law Cover?

Lemon Law in Michigan covers drivers who experience a defect within the vehicle’s first year or express warranty period. To qualify as a covered defect under the Lemon Law, repairs on the defect have to be attempted unsuccessfully. Typically, four attempts at a repair without success will qualify the vehicle under the Lemon Law.

What Types of Vehicles Are Included?

Not all vehicles are covered under the Lemon Law in Michigan. The law only applies to passenger cars and trucks, sport utility vehicles, vans and pickup trucks. These vehicles must have been purchased or leased either in Michigan or by a resident of Michigan.

The vehicles that are not covered under the lemon law include buses, off-road vehicles, motor homes and all other types of trucks.

How Does the Lemon Law Offer Cost-Free Representation?
The Lemon Law in Michigan contains a provision that makes the manufacturer responsible for paying all legal and attorney fees if they are victorious in court. This provision in the law is designed to put the consumer on an equal fighting ground with the billionaire vehicle manufacturing companies.

What Types of Defects Does the Lemon Law Not Cover

If the defect to your vehicle occurs as a result of a modification to the vehicle that was not made by the manufacturer, it will not be covered under the Lemon Law. Other examples of defects that will not be covered under the lemon law include conditions caused by abuse, neglect or accidents.

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