The compensation owed by the employers to their workers is a kind of insurance wage replacement that is given to workers during the course of their employment. In case an employee sustains an injury in the workplace which renders them unable to work and fulfill their duties, they will be entitled to workers compensation in Stevens Point, WI if it was mentioned in their original contract. However, in many cases, the employer may renege on their original contract. If your employer refuses to grant you workers compensation or gives a lower amount than what was originally agreed upon, here’s what you need to do.

Contact a Lawyer

The first thing to do is to contact an experienced lawyer who specializes in handling cases associated with employment law. You can contact Duncan Disability Law S.C. to guide you through the process. When you first get in touch with an experienced lawyer, they will ask you about the circumstances surrounding your injury and will obtain copies of original documents that you will need. It’s important that you provide all of the details to your lawyer so they can prepare a compelling case.

Filing the Case

If your employer refuses to settle out of court for the agreement, your lawyers will be left with no other option but to file a case in the court to get the workers compensation that you deserve. The lawyers will prepare you for hearings and depositions that might be scheduled during the proceedings. If the two parties decide to settle out of court, the lawyers will negotiate and secure you a viable settlement amount that is enough to cover the costs of your medical treatment as well as the income that you had to forego. You can also connect them on Facebook.