In Michigan, recreational vehicles such as four-wheelers are fun and exciting. However, the vehicles can also lead to serious personal injuries under certain conditions. Accidents that involve these vehicles could lead to a variety of liabilities based on how the vehicles are used or acquired. The following are details identifying important factors about these vehicles that four-wheeler accident lawyers in Macomb County MI can explain fully.

Was There a Defect in the Product?

When consumers purchase a four-wheeler, the consumers are expecting to purchase a safe product without flaws. However, some accidents may occur due to product defects. These defects could relate to mechanical parts that fail such as the braking system. If the tires are defective, a blowout could occur, and the consumer could wreck the vehicle. Since these vehicles travel at higher speeds, this could lead to serious injuries or a fatality as the rider is thrown from it.

Liabilities Connected to Four-Wheeler Rentals

Select vacation destinations provide rentals for four-wheelers and other recreational vehicles. The rental agreement present the terms of use for the vehicle. Unless the rental agreement states that the consumer is using the product at their own risk, the leasing company is liable for any injuries that may occur. These rental agreements may also include clauses that specify that the consumer must wear protective gear while driving the vehicle. If the consumer fails to abide by all terms and clauses, the leasing company isn’t liable for the consumer’s injuries.

Riding a Neighbor’s Four-Wheeler

Teens are more likely to borrow or ride their neighbor’s four-wheeler and sustain injuries. These occurrences could indicate a liability under certain conditions. First, the teen would need to obtain permission to use the vehicle. If the neighbor allowed the teen to ride the four-wheeler, the neighbor is liable for the teen’s injuries. However, if the teen uses it without the neighbor’s permission or knowledge, the teen’s actions are unlawful, and the neighbor isn’t liable.

In Michigan, four-wheelers present major liabilities as the vehicles are known for leading to injuries. Victims of these injuries must provide evidence that shows a liability before a monetary award is provided. Victims that need legal help after these injuries contact Four-wheeler Accident Lawyers in Macomb County MI or click here for more information.