Every day, people are arrested and make very common mistakes that make their situation worse. It’s understandable since being arrested is such a stressful event. At times, people were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. However, every criminal law attorney in Emporia KS has defended clients who made serious and unnecessary mistakes which brought them more trouble.

There are a few simple rules to remember that will make the experience a little easier.

1. Do What the Police Officer Instructs

When told to “Put your hands behind your back”, do so immediately. Don’t touch the officer as it could be considered resisting arrest. A simple swat would be reported as a hit. A minor misdemeanor would become a felony.

2. Don’t Run

Running is dangerous. Police may suspect someone running of having a weapon. Also, running can result in additional charges. It can also be considered to be “consciousness of guilt” which means that the jury will be told that “guilty people run and innocent people don’t.

3. Don’t Talk to the Police

In the Miranda warning, suspects are told that they have the right to remain silent. Pay attention to that right and don’t answer questions. Don’t waste time telling the officer that you’re innocent. The officer hears it all the time, doesn’t care and won’t take off the cuffs. However, it’s entirely possible to you will say something that will get you convicted. The arresting officer, booking officer or detective will not be deciding innocence or guilt; that’s up to the judge and jury.

4. The Police Will Lie

Police are legally allowed to lie when trying to get a confession. They may say that they have witnesses, DNA or video. Friends will be separated and told that the another one is talking. The police may say that it will be easier if you confess now, but it’s a lie.

5. Ask for a Lawyer

Once a suspect has asked for an attorney, the questioning is supposed to stop until the lawyer arrives and usually does. Requesting an attorney is a constitutional right and not an admission of guilt.

When you’re in trouble, you need an experienced criminal defense law firm in Emporia KS. The law firm of Helbert & Allemang Law Offices. offers aggressive legal representation to protect your constitutional rights.