Reviewing Circumstances That Could Arise in Property Law in Santa Barbara, CA

by | May 26, 2020 | Lawyers

In California, laws associated with residential or commercial properties dictate how these matters are handled. The laws apply to the purchase of properties as well as disputes that could arise. Property transactions require both the seller and the buyer to follow all applicable laws. A local attorney provides assistance with property law in Santa Barbara, CA.

Starting a Real Estate Transaction

The first steps of a real estate transaction start with defining the right to sell the property. The owner must provide the title to the attorney for a title search. The title transfers for the last thirty years must present clear transfers without any issue. If not, this could present the end of the transaction.

Settling a Property Dispute

A property dispute could arise when neighbors want to build new structures on their property. Typically, it is fenced, retaining ways, and additional homes that present these issues. If the construction could cross the property lines, it could increase the odds of a dispute. An attorney could hire a surveyor to identify the property lines and end these disputes quickly.

Transferring Ownership Earlier

Estate owners who want to reduce the size of their estate could transfer ownership earlier. This allows the owner to avoid a more lengthy probate process. The owner can transfer the properties to anyone they prefer. This action could lower the odds of seizure during the probate process and eliminate all possible inheritance taxes.

Acquisitions for Commercial Properties

Commercial property acquisitions require finesse as well. The attorney could help these buyers find a property that is situated in a high traffic area. Overall, this could increase their earning potential. These actions are also available through private auctions and the dismantling of existing companies.

In California, laws associated with a real estate transaction provide assistance for residential or commercial buyers. The laws could also define the exact property lines during a dispute. Attorneys in this area of law can also help estate owners lower their possible losses during probate. Buyers or sellers who need help under property law in Santa Barbara, CA should contact Business Name or Browse the website for more details now.

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