The worker’s compensation system makes it easier to be compensated for job-related injuries. However, workers need to know the laws in their state to make sure procedures are followed. For example, the injury must be reported to the employer within a certain period. This deadline is set by state law and varies widely. Indeed, Iowans have 90 days to report an injury while Colorado residents only have four days.

The Importance Of Procedure

State laws dictate that employers have workers compensation insurance. Further, the law specifies the procedures for employees and employers to follow. That is why it is crucial to have a Workers Comp Attorney in Pittsburgh PA. The attorney passes this information on to clients to protect their claims. For instance, most workers don’t know there may be a waiting period to receive benefits. In many states, the employee must wait ten days to receive benefits after reporting the injury.

Medical Treatment

Workers compensation claims can be denied if the employee goes to a personal physician. The law specifies that employers have a list of treating physicians. This list is supposed to be posted in a common area. The injured party needs to make an appointment with a listed provider. Workers are permitted to seek emergency medical attention.

Nonetheless, the insurer follows all medical treatment closely. Many insurers use case managers to attend medical appointments with the worker. Indeed, the insurer wants to make sure medical costs are kept to a minimum. As a result, the worker may have to wait for much-needed relief.

Insurance adjusters try to save money for their company. They are not happy if injured workers are referred to specialists. Thankfully, the attorney can file for a hearing if needed medical treatment is denied. An administrative law judge decides whether the worker is entitled to treatment.

Settling The Case

The Attorney tries to settle a client’s case when they reach maximum medical improvement. Settlements are especially important for workers who have permanent injuries. They may not be able to work again and need a settlement for a fresh start. Fortunately, most states specify a fair amount that must be paid for permanency. If you need help with a claim, contact the Law Offices Of Hall & Copetas.