If you have recently suffered from the untimely death of a loved one and have decided to pursue legal action against the people or company responsible for their death, then you will need a good Elgin wrongful death lawyer to represent you and your family. The company or person you are filing a suit against will no doubt have an army of lawyers at their disposal so you need to ensure that your loved one is properly represented. When you begin your search for an attorney to work with you there are a few questions you will want to ask an attorney to ensure that they will be the best fit for you. Be prepared to write these questions down and take them with you when you do an interview with a lawyer.

  1. How Many Cases Have You Won – while this question may seem impertinent or rude it is important to know if your lawyer has a good record for winning their wrongful death suits.
  2. What Percent of Cases Are Settled out of Court – this is an important question. Sometimes better deals can be realized with an out of court settlement when the parties don’t want to go through a long drawn out court battle. You also need to know if you want to go all the way through trial or if you would be content to settle. If you want a trial and your lawyer always settles you might want to keep looking.
  3. Have You Handled Big Cases – big cases equal big payouts, often in the millions or even multi-millions of dollars. If you have a big case, perhaps against a pharmaceutical company or major industry that could result in a very large payoff you want to be sure that your lawyer is up to the task.
  4. How Many Cases Do You Work at Once – lawyers are very good at multitasking and taking care of many things all at the same time so if they have a lot of other clients this is not necessarily a red flag and neither is it a red flag if they don’t have any other clients. The point of this question is to provide you with more information about the lawyer so you can make an informed decision about whether or not you want to use them.
  5. What About Experts – Will your lawyer hire experts to testify? Who will they use? Who will pay for them? This is important to know.

The most important thing when hiring a lawyer that you feel comfortable with them and believe that they will work hard to get you the outcome that you deserve on behalf of your loved one.