In Florida, worker’s compensation laws fight against unethical employers who refuse to provide benefits to injured workers. Too often, employers who gain large bonuses for maintaining lower accident rates falsify worker’s comp claims. A Workers Compensation Attorney in Port St. Lucie FL helps workers file a legal claim against their employer.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line of any worker’s compensation attorney is whether or not the employer completed the claim correctly. Unethical employers make changes in claims and find loopholes to avoid approvals. The acts are illegal, but employers commit them every day. It is the role of the worker’s employer to find the error and issue that led to the denial of the benefits.

Disproving the Results of Drug Screenings

When a worker sustains on-the-job injuries, the first requirement of the insurer is to determine if the worker is at fault. The most compelling evidence is the presence of a controlled substance in the bloodstream. However, if the worker claims that they weren’t under the influence, an additional test is conducted by a lab working with the attorney in which their hair is used. The tests are most accurate when identifying the presence of controlled substances. A test that proves that there weren’t any drugs in the worker’s body overturns the determination of the claim.

Redirecting the Blame

The employer could also redirect the blame onto service repair personnel or a manufacturer. However, if the employer’s responsibilities weren’t met, they are liable for accidents that cause injuries. When machinery is involved, it is tested for flaws. The origin of the flaws determines which party is responsible for the worker’s injuries. Once the blame is pinpointed, the case proceeds against the identified party.

In Florida, worker’s compensation laws give workers the right to file a lawsuit against their employer and their insurer when a claim is denied. The worker must have substantial evidence showing that they possess an injury that happened in their work environment. The claim must prove that the worker wasn’t at fault for their injuries in any way. Workers who need assistance contact a Workers Compensation Attorney in Port St. Lucie FL at Matheson Horowitz & Devonmille and schedules an appointment now.