Reviewing Necessary Steps with a Workplace Injury Attorney in Queens County, NY

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Lawyers

In New York, all employers must acquire workers’ compensation coverage if they intend to hire more than two workers. The coverage protects against any liabilities connected to worker-related injuries. The following are the necessary steps for related claims that a workplace injury attorney in Queens County, NY reviews.

Filing a Report About the Injuries

The worker must file an accident report when they become injured, which provides them with immediate access to medical treatment. The report is given to the doctor who is providing the medical assessment and treatment. The doctor must return the report to the employer after they make a diagnosis of the worker’s injuries.

What Happens During the Medical Assessment?

During the medical assessment, the worker is required to provide a sample for drug and alcohol testing. Next, the doctor will review the injury and determine if x-rays are needed to diagnose the condition. After all the tests are completed, the doctor provides a diagnosis and begins treatment and determine how much time the worker will need to recover from the injuries.

What Is the Claim’s Adjuster’s Role?

The claim’s adjuster must assess the reported injuries and review the workers’ compensation policy. They must determine if the injuries fulfill all requirements identified in terms of the policy and carry out research on how they happened. The events leading up to the accident define whether or not the employer is liable.

What Happens If the Claim Is Denied?

If the claim is denied, the worker has the right to seek legal action. If their injuries present a disability or permanent condition, they can file a lawsuit against the employer and their insurer. If they win, they could receive a large settlement based on how the injuries affect their lives.

In New York, all employers must acquire workers’ compensation coverage. The policies provide payment for all medical expenses including long or short-term treatment. They also provide monetary benefits based on the recovery time. Any worker who was denied coverage and needs to speak with a workplace injury attorney in Queens County, NY can contact the law office of Steven R. Smith or visit online today.

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