Why Disability Claims Get Denied

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Lawyers

Knowing a little about why Social Security disability claims are denied can help you when you are preparing the initial application as well as help you decide whether you should appeal or not if your application is denied. The assessors at SSA are not perfect and they are often overloaded with applications, as such errors happen, there are other times when the application is denied because you do not meet the established criteria.

Don’t think you are alone if you are denied benefits, the majority of applications are denied, even those that appear to meet all the criteria and are free of errors. If you are denied, don’t give up; discuss your case with an experienced Social Security disability lawyer in Missouri first.

There are a number of common reasons for denial of benefits;

Drug or alcohol abuse: Drug or alcohol dependency is not acceptable to the SSA. You may be approved if your claimed disability is the result of past dependency but you will not be approved if it is determined that you would not be disabled if you were to stop abusing the substance.

Your income is too high: Social Security disability income is based on that amount of money that was paid into the system via FICA. If your income exceeds the substantial gainful activity set by the SSA you will not be approved for benefits.

Failure to follow the orders of your doctor: If you do not follow the orders of your doctor, your claim will most likely be denied. There are exceptions of course, perhaps you cannot afford the therapy that was prescribed; this would be a valid reason.

Insufficient records: In many cases the initial application is not complete; it lacks medical records and other substantiating information.

If explanations such as those noted above don’t match with the reason given for denial of benefits you should consider hiring a seasoned Social Security disability lawyer in Missouri and appealing the decision.

If your application for disability benefits was denied, don’t give up. Chances are very good that you will be approved on appeal when you work closely with a knowledgeable Social Security disability lawyer in Missouri. You are invited to discuss your case with the Grundy Disability Group, LLC.

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