While workers’ compensation laws were put in place to protect injured workers, they are sometimes ineffective. When someone is injured on the job, they have the right to seek wage replacement and medical coverage from their employer. When the process is not progressing as it should, individuals should consider hiring a workers’ comp law attorney in Belleville, IL.

Why Should Injured Workers Hire an Attorney?

Although some injured workers have no difficulty seeking and receiving the workers’ compensation benefits they are owed, some face many obstacles. Injured workers who are being given the runaround, experiencing long delays, or receiving denials have the right to seek help from a workers’ comp law attorney in Belleville, IL.

It is essential a person hires a workers’ comp attorney if they have experienced a permanent illness or injury as a result of their work or an injury that occurred on the job. An attorney will work to make sure their client receives a fair settlement that will take care of their medical needs and lost wage earning ability.

Injured workers often need legal help when it comes to being denied the benefits they deserve. An attorney will fight on behalf of their client and work to make sure the denial is reversed. They help injured clients pursue appeals by gathering ample evidence to prove the injuries and prognosis.

Schedule a Consultation Meeting

Injured workers who would like legal help are first urged to seek a consultation appointment with the attorney. This appointment is free and allows the injured worker to learn more about the rights they hold and what can be done to appeal a denial of benefits.

An injured worker should never be forced to fight their employer and insurance company without getting legal help. Although hiring an attorney does not guarantee any favorable outcome, it can indeed offer great peace of mind.

If you have been injured on the job and are in need of legal help, contact the Law Office of Keith Short. They look forward to meeting with you and go over your case so you can receive the answers and help you need.