You need a real estate lawyer if you are planning to buy or sell your home or lease commercial property to conduct your business. There are other reasons you may need a Real Estate Lawyer in Hoffman Estates.


If you have bought property on a mortgage with a bank and failed to pay your monthly instalments, then the lending bank can claim possession of your home to auction it and recover their loan amount. This is called foreclosure. You will urgently be looking for a Real Estate Lawyer in Hoffman Estates to defend your case in court.

Short Sales

You need an expert lawyer, experienced in handling short sale cases, if you face foreclosure and an imminent auction date; to convince your bank to accept an amount lesser than the mortgage amount and release you from your financial obligations, concerning your mortgage. In this situation, you need a buyer for your home before the scheduled auction date.


Drawing up tenancy contracts and dealing with relevant issues of the law regarding landlords and tenants also need the services of a good real estate lawyer.

Steps to Find Your Lawyer

Internet and Testimonials

Look up real estate websites on the internet and locate lawyers near home. Compare services to see how qualified and helpful they are and select a few. Read client testimonials and check their ratings for services rendered.

Location Convenience

Choose a lawyer who is very convenient to visit and is near your home location.

Communication Mode

Check if you can use chats to communicate with your lawyer after office hours or if they are contactable on phone easily.

Free Consultation

Lastly, check if they offer a free consultation when you initially contact their offices.

Casement Group’s experienced lawyers will work on your issue and help resolve any legal matters for you, efficiently and in your favor. You can contact them for any clarifications on relevant legal matters concerning you. Contact them on phone – or simply fill up the contact form on their website, and a lawyer will contact you.