There are people who believe estate planning is all about what happens to assets and property when someone passes away. In truth, the bulk of the support offered by an Estate Planning Service in Reno NV does focus on the distribution of wealth once the individual dies. Even so, some provisions should also be made for making decisions when the individual is still alive but not in a position to make those decisions. That’s where the idea of a medical power of attorney comes into the picture.

Understanding How a Medical Power of Attorney Works

This type of legal document establishes a means for medical decisions to be made when the covered party is unable to communicate wishes, preferences, or permissions. For example, the individual sustains serious injuries in an auto accident. If that person does not have a spouse or a child who can step in and authorize whatever treatments are needed to increase the chances of survival, obtaining that permission can be complicated. In the meantime, the condition of the injured party may worsen.

With a medical or healthcare power of attorney in place, a trusted loved one can step in and make decisions that are in line with any wishes the individual expressed in times past. This means, if the individual has stated before that being placed on life support while in a coma was not acceptable, the person empowered by the power of attorney can provide the permission to remove the equipment and allow the individual to pass away naturally.

How Does This Relate to Estate Planning?

As the client will learn from the Estate Planning Service in Reno NV, medical and legal powers of attorney protect the interests of the client when the individual is not in a position to make key decisions. For whatever time the individual has left, a trusted party acts in compliance with any wishes stated in the past. That minimizes the chances of anyone contesting the arrangements made for the distribution of assets once the owner does pass away.

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