It is a frequent misconception that every accident will result in an insurance company offering to settle with the injured person. Anyone who has sustained an injury from a slip and fall incident, auto accident, or any other type of accident should never sit back and wait for compensation. Unless the individual or their family members are proactive about demanding help, they will often be ignored until it is too late to do anything.

What every personal injury lawyer in Tamarac, FL wants people to realize is that it is not easy to get compensation alone. Insurance companies are not willingly handing money to anyone, and without a lawsuit they will usually not accept that their client was to blame or pay any expenses.

Professional legal help is necessary to get proof of who was responsible and proof that the listed damages were the result of this specific incident. This evidence is crucial in order to successfully win any case. A personal injury lawyer understands the court system, and knows how to deal directly with insurance agencies. This could help with avoiding court and getting a fair settlement to cover expenses. Of course, not every case settles out of court, and an attorney will become even more important if a trial is scheduled.

A personal injury lawyer in Tamarac, FL is not someone who is trying to help people get something for nothing. They are not usually seeking millions of dollars for pain and suffering. What they focus on is making certain that their clients have what is needed to pay for their medical bills, replace damaged property, and compensate for lost time at work. More will be sought if the victim lost the ability to work, is facing future rehabilitation expenses, and has suffered greatly from the pain or emotional stress. The attorneys at Abramowitz, Pomerantz, & Morehead, P.A. make it their duty to be reasonable about the amount they ask for, in order to prevent the case from being dismissed. Time limits may apply, so people should always act quickly when contacting a lawyer after any personal injury.