There are two different types of legal action that can occur in the United States and most countries around the world. One is a criminal case, where the person is convicted of committing a crime. There is also a civil case, where a crime may or may not have occurred by someone was harmed or injured because of the negligence of another party or individual.

A personal injury attorney in Rockford is the professional to represent someone harmed by the negligence of another. This could include an individual, or even a combination of parties to the suit. The scope of cases that these attorneys handle is relatively large and can include a variety of different types of cases.

Car Accidents

A top personal injury attorney will be able to work with clients that have been in an automobile accident or that are spouses, children or parents of someone killed in a vehicle accident.

Some attorneys work in specialized areas such as big rig accidents and motorcycle accidents. They can also represent pedestrians or passengers that may be injured during a crash.

Dog Bites

There is a wide range of different types of dog bite or animal bite cases. There can be serious issues that result in death or permanent disfigurement or injury and those that are not as serious but still costly with medical bills and time lost from work for recovery.

A personal injury lawyer can evaluate your case and provide information on what you can expect should you choose to go down the litigation route.

Wrongful Death

A personal injury attorney is an important ally in a wrongful death case. Family members should contact an attorney with significant experience in representing survivors in these very difficult cases.

Choosing the best attorney means interviewing professionals and finding the right match for their needs. This is not always an easy process, but finding the best lawyer is an important step in ensuring you are fairly compensated.

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