For all types of companies and businesses in the UAE, having a trademark that clearly identifies the business is critical to start branding and building a business. In Dubai, as well as throughout the UAE, trademark registration follows a specific process that is different than many business owners not familiar with the system will have experienced in other countries.

While Dubai and the UAE are modern, fast-growing and very business-friendly areas, they also have traditional and religious beliefs that do impact the business community, even in the free-trade zones. Understanding these traditions and the laws around trademark registration can be complicated, so working with a law firm with expertise in assisting foreign business owners through the process will be instrumental.

What is a Trademark?

In the Emirates, a trademark may have a broader definition than what is seen in other areas of the world. A trademark can be made up a variety of different components including colors, words, shapes, images, names or even signatures or voices in some cases.

However, there are several differences in how these specific elements can be used in a trademark registration. For instance, a company cannot use a personal name without permission of that person. Additionally, the full name of the individual is to be used, not just a first or the last name.

In the UAE, trademarks cannot contain religious symbols, images or words or any combination of these elements that may have a religious connotation. Specific names of other countries or geographic locations are not used in trademarks. It is also prohibited to use a designation, such as professional title, that has not been granted to the individual.

With all the subtle issues in trademarks within the UAE, it is highly recommended to work with an attorney in Dubai early in the process to avoid unnecessary delays and rejections of a trademark application. Visit the website for more information.