Accidents can happen on the road a lot. So it’s always best to remind yourself of safety driving tips to help keep you out of any accidents. Here are five of the best you should remember if you want to stay safe from truck accidents:

Know their blind spots

Most trucks often have a massive blind spot. The bigger they are, the bigger those danger zones can be. So make sure you’re extra careful about getting into those spots. Move out of them as soon as you can.

Keep an eye on the truck mirrors

If you can’t see the driver in the mirrors, then the driver can’t see you too. Best to stay where you can keep an eye out for those mirrors then. If you can see the truck driver, then that’s ideal.

Stay ahead of the truck

Drive until there’s more than a bit of ground to cover between you and the truck. Because drivers often sit so high, if you drive in front of a truck, then you’re in a huge blind spot. So instead, put some distance between you two until you could see the driver’s face. 10 car lengths should be good enough.

Don’t crowd the truck

Some drivers like to get into tight spaces, leaving barely an inch of paint to spare. But that’s a bad idea when you’re right alongside a truck. Give it plenty of room to pass you by instead.

Look out for right turns

Trucks demand a lot of turning space. Right hand turns mean they’ll swing out to the left before turning right. And if you’re coming in from the right, the driver won’t see you. So wait it out until the driver makes the turn.

Accidents can happen even with safety tips, though. If it does, make sure you hire a good accident lawyer to help you out, says Woodruff Johnson & Palermo.